English Name: Seabuckthorn
Scientific Name: Hippophaesalicifolia (Dalechuk), Hippophaetibetana (Bhuichuk)
Family: Elaeagnaceae

Product Description

Seabuckthorn is a hardy, deciduous, dioecious, and usually spinescent shrub. It reaches 5 meters in height in its natural habitats of China, Mongolia, Russia, and most parts of Northern Europe. In Nepal, two species of Hippophae, i.e. H. Salicifolia and H. Tibetana area found. Seabuckthorn is found in mountain-areas like Manang, Mustang,Humla, Jumla, Darchula, Dolpa, Rasuwa, and Baglung districts.

Parts Used : Leaf, bark, seed, fruits.

Availability : Dalechuk 3300 to 4500m and Bhuichuk 3300 to 4500 m.

Collection period : November to December

Uses : Juice, Sea buckthorn berries are used for preventing infections, improving sight, and slowing the aging   process.

Quantity available : 1000kgs.