Dhatelo Oil

Common Name : Dhatelo
Nepali  Name : Dhatelo
Botanical Name : PrinsepiautilisRoyle
Family : Rosaceae

Product Description

Dhatelo is a deciduous shrub native to Nepal that can grow up to three meters in height at altitudes of 1,800 to 3000 meters in central to western Nepal. It produces flowers from February to March and fruits from April to May and usually grows in areas exposed to sunlight on dry hillsides near water sources.

Local uses of Dhatelo:

-Raw fruits can be eaten and are especially enjoyed by children.

-Deep purple dye from the fruit can be used as paint.

-Seed oil can be used for several purposes – In cooking as a substitute to vegetable oil, as a tropical application  for treatment of rheumatism, muscular pain, stomach pains, skin infections and relief of coughs and colds, in  the hair as hair serum to increase shine and strength and as fuel for oil lamps.

-Seed oil residue can be used for washing clothes.