English Name: Indian Valerian
Scientific Name: Angelica glauca scrophulariiflora (Pennel) D.Y. Hong
Family: Apiaceae

Product Description

Gandhainu is endemic to India  and found in the western Himalaya  in Nepal, Jammu &Kashmir, Himachal  Pradesh (Shimla), and Uttar Pradesh between altitudes of 1800-3700 meters.  The plants are 1-2.5 m tall, glabrous,  and aromatic. Roots are thick, and longconic.

Parts Used : Roots, flower, seeds, rhizomes.

Availability : 2000 to 3600 meters.

Collection period : October to December.

Uses : Stomach troubles, bilious  
complaints, menorrhagia, infantile atrophy, and as a stimulant.

Quantity available : 500kgs.