English Name: Himalayan Thyme
Scientific Name: Thymus linearis
Family: Elaeagnaceae

Product Description

Ghodaamaarcha is a small aromatic shrub, about 15-30 cm high, with many tiny oblong leaves and delicate little whorls of pink-purple flowers growing in fairly dense cluster, occasionally crowding over the leaves. It is mostly abundant in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Chemical composition of this plant is: thymol (52.28-66.65%) p-cymene, y-terpinene. It contains essential oils including thymol which is a strong antiseptic but gentle on the skin.

Parts Used : Leaves, branch, flower.

Availability : 1500 to 4300 meter.

Collection period : April to September

Uses : Gastrointestinal problems, respiratory disorders, headache, antidote against hookworm, toothache.

Quantity available : 500kgs.