English Name: Spike Nard
Scientific Name: Nardostachys grandifora DC.
Family: Valerianaceae

Product Description

Jatamansi is a perennial plant with spindle-shaped rootstock covered with fibres of old leaves and flowering stems 5-30 cm long.

The leaves of Jatamansi are ellipticlanceolate  or spathulate of about 5-20 cms,  mostly basal and arising from the stout  and woody rootstock covered with  dark fibers of old leaves. The whole plant  has a distinct lingering smell. In Nepal, it is found in the eastern and central regions  but also abundantly in the western regions growing on open, stony and grassy slopes, and on the turf of glacial flats.

Parts Used : Roots, flowers, rhizomes.

Availability : 3600 to 5000 meter.

Collection period : October to November.

Uses : Substitute of valerian, tonic stimulant,  
antispasmodic, diuretic, deobstruent, emmenogogue,  stomachic, and laxatic, piles.

Quantity available : 600000kgs.