English Name: Rockfoil
Scientific Name: Bergeniaciliata (Haw.) Sternb.
Family: Saxifragaceae

Product Description

Pakhanbed is a shrub which  grows once in a two years in moist climate and  up to 30 cm in height. It is one of the important medical and aromatic plants found in the  Himalayan region. Government of Nepal  has prioritized this herb for cultivation and

protection. Oil is also prepared from its flower,  and its seeds are used as oil for hair and the face.

Attributes : Antiseptic, laxative, antipyretic.

Parts used : Leaves, branch, flower.

Availability : 1500 to 4300 meters.

Collection period : April to September

Uses : Gastrointestinal problems, respiratory  
disorders, headache, as an antidote to  hookworm, toothache, skin wrinkles.

Quantity available : 1000 Kgs.