English Name: Valerian

Scientific Name: ValerainJatamansiiJones

Family: Valerianaceae

Product Description

It is a perennial slightly hairy, tuft herb  up to 45cm in height. Radical leaves are persistent,  long petioled, deeply cordate-ovate,

usually toothed or sinuate. There are only  a few cauline leaves which are much smaller,  entire or pinnate. Flowers are often dioecious,  white or tinged with pink, in a terminal corymb.  Fruits are oblong, compressed, hairy orglabrous.  Rootstocks are thick and horizontal.  Crude rhizome is banned for export without processing.

Parts Used : Roots, Rhizomes.

Availability : 1500 to 3600 meters.

Collection period : October to November.

Uses : Anodyne, antidandruff, diuretic,  
antispasmodic, depressant of the central  nervous system, etc. Also used in  pharmaceutical preparations and as a fragrance and flavoring agent.

 Quantity available: 1500kgs.