Tejpatta, Dalchini

English Name: Nepalese Cinnamon
Scientific Name: Cinnamomumtamala (Buch.- Ham.) Nees&Eberm.
Family: Lauraceae

Product Description

Cinnamomumtamala is a moderate-sized evergreen tree which is the source of tejpatta leaves and the Indian cassia bark. Wildly distributed in tropical and subtropical Himalayas, it is also found in the Chure range of Nepal at altitudes of 1500m. The leaves relate to cinnamon but are little known elsewhere. The bark and leaves contain aromatic oil. The bark and leaves contain aromatic oil and are used as spices in the Indian subcontinent.

Parts Used : Leaves, barks.

Availability : 450 to 2000 meters.

Collection period : October to November.

Uses : Extensively used as fragrance component in soaps, detergents, cosmetics and perfumes, toothpastes, and industrial fragrances. Also used for muscle and joint complications and as a treatment for arthritis and joint inflammations, etc.

Quantity available : 500kgs.